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# Redis-to-HTTP proxy

Currently the only implemented functionality is proxying of pub/sub subscriptions onto a websocket, as follows:
Currently there are only two distinct pieces functionality implemented, specifically proxying:
* of pub/sub subscriptions onto a websocket
* the [`LRANGE`]( command in both standard and domain-specific ways

However, combined these allow relatively powerful client implementations, such as this [weather data dashboard](

### WebSocket pub/sub subscription proxying

* specify `channel` in path to `GET` request `/sub/[channel]`, providing valid credentials as Basic authorization
* credentials are matched against those stored in `users.json` - make sure this is `chmod`'ed to `0600`!
* credentials are matched against those stored in `users.json`, a simple username-as-key to client-as-password mapping
* if `/sub/...` request was valid & authorized, it will return a *one-time* token `SUB_TOKEN`
* use the token as the sole query parameter to the websocket endpoint to start receiving data, e.g. `/ws/sub?SUB_TOKEN`

@@ -15,4 +21,22 @@ wscat -c ws://HOST:PORT/ws/sub?`curl -H "Authorization: Basic B64_CRED" http://H

where `HOST`, `PORT`, `B64_CRED` & `CHANNEL` should be replaced with appropriate values.

An example client can be found [here](, a browser-based realtime display of [RPJiOS]( device sensor data.
### `LRANGE` proxying

Make `GET` requests to `/list/[key]?<options>`, where `<options>` may be composed of:

| Name | Description|
| --- | --- |
| `start` | directly corresponds to the `start` argument of [`LRANGE`]( |
| `end` | directly corresponds to the `stop` argument of [`LRANGE`]( |

The [`rpjios` plugin](plugins/rpjios/main.go) enables the following options when loaded:

| Name | Description|
| --- | --- |
| `back` | how many minutes backward from the current time to gather data (iteratively in chunks) |
| `cad` | the downsampling "cadence", in seconds; e.g. 600 returns samples separated by at least 600 seconds (10 minutes) |

Processing is short-circuited such that only one of the entities above can respond to any given request. Accordingly, only one set of options can be used in conjunction.

For example, `back` and `start` should not be combined: if they are (and assuming the value given for `back` is valid), the `rpjios` plugin will handle the request and the value given for `start` will be ignored.