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  Ryan Joseph b39936d5a0 factor out 4 weeks ago
  Ryan Joseph a589bb1900 default plotBackMult to 2 (72 hours with current settings) 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph 49e99ed4ca use local storage instead of cookies 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph 8a567cbce5 add "the last" time strings 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph 37655c576c add plot options 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph e3fcc85a38 plot look tweaks 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph 791d830137 plot look tweaks 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph c1694bed33 first crack at consuming /list and plotting THP (incl historical) 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph cf40b4fa39 add ws reconnect w/ backoff 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph 9d88e8da6f 'dark mode' 1 month ago
  Ryan Joseph d027c9f3f3 Add rudimentary Plotly PM2.5 plot; screen size differentiation 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph 53e79eb566 wtf 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph 8a0136df2f Fix cloning & add grid 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph 99b99eaa1b refactor a bit; fix b64 replace bug 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph c408bc7657 look-n-feel 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph a9c5eb54db
Update README.md 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph a9f03af0a6 update readme 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph 1d41f9c092 add ws close handler 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph a9244f512a move r() 2 months ago
  Ryan Joseph ff36fd99ba Initial commit 2 months ago